Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Shower Part One

Here are some pictures from my sisters baby shower over the weekend. It was such a nice day. She got so many beautiful gifts and we all had a great time. Now I am counting down the days until Charlotte comes. Less than a month now until her due date.

Mel doing the baby word scramble.. surrounded by her gifts.
Grandma measuring Mel's stomach with her tape... She came up a little short. This is a onesie I got her it says My aunt is my BFF. So cute! These cupcakes we so yummy!

Me, Mel and Baby Bump Charlotte Me after goofing around


  1. Looks like a lovely party; those cupcakes have me drooling!

  2. My grandma guessed my sister was like 6 feet around--and she is only 5 feet tall! Great photos of a lovely party!


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