Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning


This is one of two magnets my parents brought me back from Cuba this weekend and thank goodness they did because they are the only two magnets that I have. It was perfect timing too to hang Finn's Graduation from Puppy class certificate on the fridge.

We went to the off leash park for the first time yesterday. It was way more successful than I had expected. Finn loved it except for this big dog who was picking on him but Finn held his own... and showed all his teeth. I am going to try him at a new one today. Fingers crossed it goes as good as yesterday. He needs the socialization.. and the fun!


  1. puppy education! that's fabulous. so he's ready for cocktails and other parties.:p

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  2. hope that everything worked out fine for your and your pet.

    Bless your Monday.


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