Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Poop!

So here is an issue I have been having with spring lately. It is simply that Finn will not poop at night.

After dinner we go outside(in the rain) walk around the block, go to different areas and he will pee... HE WILL NOT POOP. I say "Oh Finn hurry up go poo poos" over and over again in a very excited and supportive voice while following this dog around. Then he will get his poop walk on...he clenches his butt and does a half walk have squat... but instead of pooping he has really just picked up a really good spring scent and is very excited to follow it, so he pretends he is going to poo so I follow... still no poo. We do this every hour or two all evening.

By 11pm, our last washroom break before bed I get mad. My "Hurry up Finn go poo poos" gets mean and firm. After 10 minutes of me being angry, standing in the raining following this dog around.. it ends with me saying"Fine! You will have to wait until the morning!!!" As I storm back inside.

Another joy of having a dog.

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