Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair do.. or don't.

So it is spring, and along with spring comes this huge desire to change up my hair. This happens usually once a year, either spring or fall where I just need a huge change.
In my younger days I would do sometime CRAZY, but now as I get older the changes are a little bit more toned down. I would love to go dark but I always love it for a couple of months and want to be blonde again asap and hate the in between lightening process.
And I also always want to grow it out, and when I do I hate it but I always think long hair= pretty. And in most cases it does, but for someone like me I am more of a short haired girl. I have always done it in the past, and loved it but always felt weird loving it like it isn't girly enough or something.
I cut it short Michelle Williams styles at the end of last summer right before I went to Costa Rica and I adored it, but never kept it up. Just started the process of growing it out.
Well let it be known today that I am going to embrace the short hair and admit to myself and everyone I am a short haired lady, feminine and pretty and all.
Here is what I am thinking:

Ideas or thoughts?


  1. I completely support that adorable short hair look. I had it for about 3 years and loved every minute of it. I'm always envious of the womem that look so stunning with that crop. I especially like a little curl added, as in your second photo.


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