Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I cannot stop sneezing. And its pouring rain outside so there is not much Finn and I can do... I think he is bored, he has been on two walks today already but its still early in the evening.

My sister went to the doctors today and she is 2cm dilated! The doctor said that Charlotte will more than likely be early or on time! I cannot wait to meet this little one, I have decided on her nickname.. Pippa since Charlotte had already been decided and the royal wedding inspired me. No one like Pippa but I do so that will be what I call her.

I am working so much in the next two weeks which is a bummer. Good for my bank account but I am going to be exhausted.

Some songs I am into right now are as follows:
Foster the People- Pumped up kicks
Adele- Rolling in the deep
The Strokes- Undercover of Darkness

and of course many more. I am always looking for new great music so any recommendations would be lovely.

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