Monday, May 2, 2011

I think I went the entire winter without really being sick. Of course now that it is spring I get a cold. I am off today and tomorrow thank goodness and will definetly get in a nap or two and just relax.
I do need to go and vote though. Hopefully my vote will be one of many that brings some change. I will probably hold off until after school hours however so it is not so busy.
Finn's foot has an ulcer between his toes so he is taking antibiotics and we have to put cream on it twice a day.. and he cannot lick it. This has been a struggle since his sock always falls off and I feel bad making him wear the hat.. although he does look cute in it.

As you can see his big nose stick out too far and he can still get at his toes so we will need to exchange it for the next size up. He really does not mind wearing it as much as I thought he would though which is good!

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