Saturday, May 21, 2011

It is the loveliest of days today. Perfect weather.

Finn and I went downtown for a walk, and he is finally meeting other dogs without biting them which is amazing! Daycare has really helped him I think.

He has an upset tummy which is not good at all. He seems to be feeling fine otherwise.

I really am missing my Charlotte and have no idea when I get to see her at some point this weekend.

I was suppose to go to my friend Sara's this afternoon for a visit, however with Finn's tummy I do not want any accidents at her place, so maybe I will invite them here instead just in case.

Now we are just hanging on the balcony. Im having my morning coffee and he is on dog, squirrel, bird, jogger etc etc. watch. Being outside is like one giant tv for dogs.

Finn also got a Kong Wobbler this week. Such a cool toy and he loves it! He played with it after daycare and eventually was so sleepy.

My example if Blue for The Paper Mama Photo Challenge:

The Paper Mama


  1. Very cute!! What an adorable little doggy <3
    Good luck! :)


  2. Finn is one cute puppy. I wonder if my German Shepherds would like a Kong? They only seem to like toys they can destroy. ;)


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