Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the tales of doggie daycare

I took Finn to daycare last week. He was not down with it at all. He does not like to be away from things he knows. I figured a couple more times would cure the hate and he would love it there.
So my being the good mom that I am decide to take him on Saturday while I was at work, my dad would pick him up at lunch. I thought this would be great because it would make him get used to the whole idea faster.
So I go in on Saturday morning, drop him off and head to work. Keep in mind this is the same day that my sister is in labour.
So I get this phone call from dad at lunch and he is fuming! The doors are lock, lights off and noone is there. I try to calm dad down, go on the website and it turns out they are only open 8-10 and 6-8 on weekends.... there is NO daycare on weekends just boarding. So Finn spent what I promised him would be a fun filled day playing with puppies in a crate...

moral of this story is do not ASSUME that daycare is always, ask when you go in and read all the lines on the webpage.

Today I took him to daycare again and he cried like I have never heard him cry before. I scared my poor little dude for life I think.
Fingers crossed that he does learn to love it there.

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