Friday, December 23, 2011

A year ago a funny thing happpened.

Last Christmas I was out in the mall after work, it was really busy being a few short days before Christmas and I was cranky and super grumpy. I called my mom to ask about what kind of perfume my sister wanted and she told me I should buy pampers instead of perfume. I asked her to repeat herself because it was loud and the statement was not making much sense. She did repeat and it hit my, I was going to be an aunt. My sister was pregnant.. this was a shocker!

At first I was jealous, being 5 years older, single and always wanting to be a mom and my sister never really showing much interest, it was hard for me to digest that she was having a baby. That night I drank an entire bottle of wine and processed the whole thing in fast forward and went right into crazy aunt mode.

Now my little munchkin is here and it is her first Christmas and I cant imagine loving anything more. . . and after watching her in her first 7 months it makes me rethink ME having a baby and a lot of that jealousy has gone right out the window.

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