Saturday, January 21, 2012

adventures in pet sitting

My parents have a small "animal farm." It all started when my sister used to work at the local humane society and always needed to rescue this cat or this dog just for a couple of days and since my parents have big hearts they all ended up here . . . and years later they all remain, except for the few that have since passed away.
My sister is long gone, has a baby of her own but never took any of the animals she brought in because "how would you split them all up now"- my parents.
Since my parents are on a beach right now, and I do not have a family of my own, I come twice a year to animal sit while they are away. It is much easier for Finn and I to come here... these guys would never all fit in my small condo.
Here are some pictures of our day together today.


  1. That's a full house! But so awesome that your parents do that; I'm sure it's much appreciated by the pets :)

  2. Yes they are all so adorable and very much appreciative!


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