Thursday, January 5, 2012

paper over plastic

i bit the bullet and purchased an e-reader today. i was at chapters and they had the kobo on sale. i really had to talk myself into the idea...when it comes to reading i am a lover of books and pages with paper and a hater of plastic and screens.
i thought it would save room in my den, my bookshelf is overflowing.
everyone around me gave their e-readers big reviews, and i got caught up in all their love.
i should have listened to my gut.
i brought this machine home and i have hated it since taking it out of the box. . . it really is not any cheaper when buying books, and the library books are all wait listed and i can never figure out those fancy programs with torrents and downloads.
i guess instead i should have bought a second bookshelf.

update: after talking with my mom and weighing the pros and cons i kept my kobo. i am currently reading(and loving) the art of racing in the rain. i will just have to not go over board with book purchases, the fact that i have any book right at my finger tips is a little frightening. i will need to work on self control.

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