Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Above is a picture of when I first got Finn. It is the first of many photos I took of him. He was smaller then and was a lot more white. He has grown a bit and has turned sort of multi-coloured along his back. Back then he was afraid of anything and everything. We couldn't even walk down the street without him freezing in terror every time a big truck or bus drove by... boy how he has changed. Now he doesn't even flinch.

I am thinking of getting him a friend of Valentine's day. Our local shelter had a ringworm outbreak all during the fall and winter months and recently re-opened and have special prices to adopt. I have wanted to adopt a cat for quite sometime and think now is a great time to do so. I figure since we have the space we should help an animal out. I am still not one hundred percent but will decide for sure by next week... although knowing myself by next week we will have a new roomie.

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