Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i have an irrational fear of bugs. not of the bugs themselves but rather of bugs coming into my home and multiplying into huge amounts.
i got nightmares from a bedbug fact sheet pamphlet that was sent by our town to everyone. this is how crazy i am.
well i just found one tick on finn. he goes to daycare in the country and the weather has been warm so i am sure he just picked it up there. it was crawling on his leg and i flushed him. i immediately googled ticks, followed bedbugs and it was clearly a tick. i am now having anxiety that there are more. i have already done one check ... okay two checks on him and have found no more. my thoughts are racing and i think its making me a touch crazy.
do you have any irrational fears like this? if so how do you deal?
i'm not afraid of much but bugs make me crazy.

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