Monday, April 2, 2012

dog day afternoon

 Nico waiting for me to turn the tap on this morning so he could get a drink.

I took Finn to my parents this afternoon so they could babysit while I do orientation at my new job.
Since the weather is nice I took some pictures of Finn and my parents dogs Gia and Stella.
They are Finn's best friends and he loves going to visit.
The three amigos
Finn and Stella enjoying the sunshine
Me with Gia aka. Pee McG
Getting kisses from Stella aka Beauty Queen or Fathead.
Bare feet! Summer is so close.
Trying to show off my new hair.


  1. Pets are so cute and love the hair!

  2. Your dog finn is so cute! I had a dog that looked like him a while back and I couldn't figure out what breed/mix he was. Would you happen to know?

    1. Thanks! I have no idea his breed/mix. On his adoption papers it said he is a Wired Haired Terrier X, apparently that isnt a breed though lol. I think he has some Jack Russel in him as well as maybe poodle? I have no real idea though.


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