Thursday, April 12, 2012


what a difference a flatiron makes!

Obsessing over: The library. I check my local library website a couple times a day to see what new items they have that I can put on hold and to see if any of the items I have on hold are in! It is extra great now that my e-reader is broken!

Working on: Learning the cash register at work. I am not at work right now but go in for my shift in a couple of hours and I try to go over the steps for transactions in my head while I wait.

Thinking about: How every time I delete a certain someone from my phone and stop thinking about them I get a text from them, and then I try to keep it cool with minimal text back and their texts increase until I inquire about actually hanging out and then they stop. Oh the games!

Anticipating: Dinner tonight with girlfriends! And a day off so I can finally see the Hunger Games!

Listening to: The sound of the dryer and Of Monsters and Men-Little Talks on repeat in my head!.

Eating: Nothing at the moment. I will have a veggie quesadilla shortly before heading to work.

Wishing: My new job continues to go well and I continue to enjoy it. Also wishing I can make enough money combined with my other two jobs to pay my mortgage and live :) 


  1. I like this list :) I obsess over books, but I'm not patient enough to go to the library and wait for the book I want so I used to always end up buying them. I have an e-reader now so never visit my library even for a browse anymore!

    1. thanks! my e-reader broke so now i am forced to use the library. before i would put the books i was ok with waiting for on hold at the library, and then get the ones i was super excited to read on my reader. it was a great system!

  2. Enjoy the hunger games! It's so good :)

    1. thanks! i loved the books i just hope the movie does not disappoint :)


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