Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seven Questions Time !

I am loving Seven Questions from Gentri Lee every week! They are so fun to do!

7 Questions:
1. What is your favorite App? (even if you don't have a smart phone I'm sure you've played around with someone else's)
Intstagram hands down! So much fun! Instagram name : drexo , hit me up!

2. You have to come up with a book title on the spot- what is it? (don't think- just say!)
I Guess This Is Growing Up....A Blink 182 song I think, I wonder if it is copyrighted? It was the first thing that came to mind and something I have been thinking a lot about lately. How at almost 29 years old I never would have thought this would be my life, or lack there of lol.

3. You are given the choice between laughing at everything- always, or never being able to laugh again. Which would you choose?
I would laugh at everything. I can't imagine never laughing again!

4. What natural disaster scares you the most? (tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc)
Tsunami's. How crazy would that be?

5. What time do you wake up each day? What time do you go to sleep?
My alarm is usually set for 7am but Nico never lets me sleep that late. He starts biting my face and I turn my head away and there is Finn waiting to kiss me a million times. They tag team to wake me up, usually by 6:30am. I go to bed by 11pm most nights.

6. (question courtesy of Katie) Who's your daddy, and what does he do?
My daddy is Mike. He is the kindest person in the world and would do anything for me, I am quite spoiled. We still do things together like go to hockey games and such and if there is a big playoff game or gold medal game on he will come over to watch. I have a daddy tattoo on my left shoulder to give props to him because he is so amazing. Oh and he is a Parts Manager at a car dealership.

7. What's the craziest dream you've ever had? (like an actual dream- while you were sleeping)
I once had a dream where I saw a white light, and in my dream I was dying and I had to tell myself to wake up, that was pretty crazy.
I also used to dream all the time that my teeth would fall out. I would be in the most random places and all of a sudden I would get sharp pains and then grind them and they would break and fall out. Also pretty crazy!


  1. The white light dream is terrifying! I always dream about my teeth falling out too! Someone once told me that's your subconscious telling you you're under too much stress.

    1. I am going to remember that the next time I have the teeth dream. I will look at my stress level after! Thanks for sharing that info :)

  2. I can't remember what they said, I'll have to ask, but I talked about dreams where your teeth fall out at school once, randomly. That is so funny about your little alarm clocks. haha!

    1. Sometimes the little alarm clocks aren't funny at the time but you can't help but love them!


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