Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My life has been pretty boring as of late. All I seem to do is work and sleep on repeat. I have been eating a lot better before of having such a full schedule so that is a bonus!

My new job is still great! I can't believe how great, for a minimum wage retail job I really lucked out. And on top of that it has allowed me to meet a new boy, nothing except co-worker relationship there but still it is nice to have new eye candy in my life. It has been way too long since I have found  boy cute.

The fur babies are doing well, they continue to be the best of friends and the craziest dudes ever. They make me laugh a million times a date. And amazing news, BarkBox is coming to Canada! I signed up for three months so far to give it a try, I am excited and I am sure Finn will be too once his package arrives. He will for sure share any new toys with Nico!

Here is some old school Elton for you all...

Elton John-Levon


  1. wow your life is really full right now....=) and I really like Elton john too =)

  2. Elton is amazing! I saw him live in Vegas and it was perfect :)


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