Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I woke up to this kitty/dog wrestling match in my bed at 5:45am this morning... I really don't need an alarm clock!

Here are some links I found over the last week or so that I thought I would share:

I really enjoyed joy the baker's these things i've learned in thirty years post. It was so great!

I made these Southwestern Stuffed Peppers on Sunday night. I did not add the turkey since I am a vegetarian, I added mushrooms instead. They were quite tasty and I am still eating leftovers!

This news story about a stray dog in China joining a group of people on a bike race and travelling 2000 km with them.

The Anna Delores blog posted about a wonderful photographer Susan Sabo and her Shelter Dog series.

I also can't wait to try these Grilled Artichokes with Garlic and Cheese  this summer!

City and Colour with Gord Downie-Sleeping Sickness


  1. Aww that picture of your dog and cat is priceless. Also love the link to joy the bakers post. very informative post! You obviously cook some yummy things in the kitchen.. I wish I was more adventurous!

    1. I loved Joy the Bakers post :)
      I do like to cook yummy things, but don't get around to it too often.


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