Thursday, June 7, 2012


Reading: Insurgent... and I have been for far too long. I just can't fully get into it. I loved Divergent and I am sort of bummed that Insurgent isn't quite as good.

Watching: Arrested Development. I never thought I would find it funny, I usually don't get into shows like this. It was the only Season One of a series at the library the other day so I gave it a shot, and I really like it!
I also started watching 24 last week, which is so good! I am on a wait list for Season 2... waiting patiently.

Thinking about: Life and jobs. I really need a grown up job but how they are so hard to come by.
Also I am crossing my fingers that I have Sunday off, I asked for it off but kind of late and already have days booked off next week to work at my other job. IF I get the off though I will be going to Woofstock!!!

Anticipating: 6:30 today when I get off work and can head to my parents for hangouts with my niece Charlotte!

Listening to: I still can't get enough off Shove's and Rope.



  1. I love Arrested Development! Tobias is my favorite character :)

    1. He is one of my favorites also :) I adore the cast so much!


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