Tuesday, June 12, 2012

favorite things from the 90's

Empire Records. Great cast, great story and great music!

Overalls. I wish today that I could still pull these off. They are the most comfortable piece of clothing ever. I will forever love them!

My So Called Life. Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase in the hallway when he grabs her hand, need I say more?

 I don't know anyone who did not smell of way too much ck one in the 90's. It was the 90's signature scent, mixed with love baby soft of course!

NBC Saturday Morning TV. Saved By The Bell tops this list :)

Sassy magazine, followed by Jane magazine.

Another wonderful movie from the 90's.

One of the best TV shows ever!

Dudes with long hair, is there anything hotter?

Blind Melon. So awesome!



  1. I loved {and still do} Empire Records. I want to watch it RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    Great list. Who knew the 90's would become funnier than the 80's?

    1. Isn't it great! I can't wait to watch it again also, I just need to get my hands on a copy,

  2. I loved my so called life! HAHAH! Check out my Tuesday 10! I had fun with this today! Glad I found ya.

    1. It was the best. I can't believe it got cancelled so early!
      I will head over and check your list out :)

  3. Ah...My so called life! I love it! In Germany the show was called "Willkommen im Leben" - "Welcome to life". I don't understand why they needed another name for it.


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