Monday, June 4, 2012

Instagram love

The photo above I made with a new app I downloaded called Dumatic.

Here is Nico showing off his fighting skills he got from Mike Tyson.

Here are some pictures from my mini balcony garden. The second photo is of veggies I planted, fingers crossed they grow!

I have bought many cat toys for Nico that he plays with the odd time for a minute here or there.The other day he got a hold of this string and has been obsessed with it for since. Every time I walk by him he meows like crazy until I play with him.

What are some of your favorite photo apps? Also does anyone know what app puts all those hearts over pictures?
Thanks :)


  1. Your pictures are adorable!! :)

  2. I love the Begonias! And the baby pictures! I posted a video link if you want to link up today! =)The link closes in a few days!


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