Saturday, June 16, 2012

Turning a Negative into Positive Thoughts!

I am needing some positive energy in my life right now. I have been having a mini work related crisis. I have been working a retail job since May to make up hours that have been cut in my other job. It seems like nothing has gone my way in the job section of my life. I have 2 diploma's and great work skills and yet it is impossible to find something in the Social Services field that does not require a master's degree.

Working the past three months in retail has made me miserable. It started off fun, but there is only so much abuse you can take before you check out mentally. I have checked out. People are rude and inconsiderate and do not care how they treat the people behind the register. I can't take it anymore.

So I am on a job applying frenzy. Applying here, there and everywhere. Wishing and hoping that something great comes my way. It will come my way!

 And looking at the bright side I have lots of wonderful things in my life :
I have a great BFF.
I have a wonderful family.
I am in love with my fur babies.
I have a roof over my head and delicious food in my belly.
It is summertime :)

No matter how down I feel, this little one will always put a smile on my face...

And for extra positive vibes, this song got me dancing and singing my heart out yesterday and I thought I would share for you to enjoy also!

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  1. positive thinking ftw! :)
    I also couldn't take it working behind a registry, although I was trying really hard not to take it personally. it's not for everyone.


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