Monday, July 23, 2012


most recent picture of me..outside at my parents house yesterday.

Reading: I am still reading Fifty Shades Darker. It is taking me a while to get through. It is not bad just not amazing. I will read the series of it kills me.

Watching: At the moment Gilmore Girls Season One....yes again. My favorite show ever. I am also all about Big Brother since it is summer! And the season has hardly even began and it is so good!

Thinking about: The crazy old lady in my condo complex who's dog barks at me and Finn all the time. Today I think she tried to tell me I should move out of her way when they come outside and we are walking through the parking lot... I could not hear her over her dogs barking though. I am so mad that she had the nerve to say anything when her dog is the problem!

Anticipating: Hangouts with my niece this Friday. Picnic with friends Sunday. New job starting in two weeks!

Listening to: On Repeat.
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