Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Finn, I am sorry I have to work all weekend and have shipped you to Grandma and Grandpa's. I will miss you so much, you probably wont even think about me!

Dear Colleen, Happy belated birthday! Lets have so much fun tomorrow night at our girls night bday celebration... geez we are getting old.

Dear possible new job, I REALLY want you to work out. So treat me right okay?!

Dear stomach, Please stop being stupid and hurting all the time. What gives with not wanting to digest anything I feed you and causing me major pain?

Dear Whitney, even your re-runs are funny. Thanks for being awesome!

Dear Katie, I think it is amazing and super sane that you left Tom. Old news yes, but he was a total creep. You and Suri are much better off without him.



  1. Good luck with the new job and no bueno on the stomach issues! I'm not surprised Katie, or Kate as he liked to refer to her, left Tom... I mean everyone knows he's gay. And there's nothing wrong with that so stop pretending already, Tom!


  2. I'm a fan of "Whitney" too! I kept hoping it would get renewed. It makes me laugh out loud!!


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