Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Single me is finally ready to mingle. Not that I have not been in the past, I just always waited for that certain someone to find me and it has not seemed to happen how I planned for it to.

Well almost 29 year old me is not waiting any longer. My clock is a tickin. I have been looking online now for a while, but have not really put much effort into it. I am toying with the idea of actually giving some of the gentleman a little more effort.

Have you ever dated anyone from the Internet? What was your experience like? How did you screen the serial killers? Do you suggest this form of dating?

Please help :)


  1. I remember I once liked a guy online for about 2 years, but we never made the effort (it was discussed briefly but didn't happen). I do sometimes think 'what if..'


    1. Yea I find that happens. You talk to people but nothing ever progresses from online or texting...I guess you have to be really aggressive in setting up hangouts


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