Friday, August 10, 2012

A promise to my personal health

Yesterday I bit the bullet and went to the doctor for a physical. It has been years (and years) since I have been.

I work in health care, so you think seeing sick people all the time would have me at the doctors a lot, or at least at an annual check up, but to be honest it scares me. I have avoided it for years because I feel healthy, so why going looking for trouble. I am so scared of finding out there is trouble.

Lets face it also, a check up is not the most thrilling thing you could be doing. The million personal questions and the getting all up in my lady parts is not my cup of tea. Hopefully the pee in a cup, the swabs and the blood work (as soon as I have it done) all come back clear and all my worrying and avoidance was for nothing.

After this year, I promise to take my personal health much more seriously and have a check up EVERY year.

I dare you to take this challenge also, if you don't already :)

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