Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am becoming quite the Olympic addict. I started off these games thinking I was way better than the Summer Olympics, I'm Canadian after all, we are all winter up in here.

After a couple of days, it was too hard to stay away. It clearly was not our huge medal haul... next to USA and China, Canada has a very modest 7 medals and none of which are gold. But we have heart... and tears. Our Women's Gymnastic team come in 5th a personal best for them and I cry. Brent Hayden wins a bronze medal and it is breaking news. It may have something to do with the behind the scenes interviews with all the athletes. You really get to know them.

I often wonder why we can't excel in sports. Our neighbours are athletic superstars and their red, white and blue is all over the podiums. We have money, and resources but yet the Olympics, especially the Summer Olympics is not our thing.

Either way, it is fun and I have a feeling a gold medal or two is in our future. And an added bonus is Prince Harry has some Canada love.

Go Canada!

Photos are from The Toronto Star .

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