Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life lately

The new job is going so well. Fingers crossed that it continues. I am still training and start solo Monday. I THINK I am doing ok so far. *knock on wood*

I am turning 29 in two days. The worst part about this is that I could care less. I miss the days where birthdays were super exciting and I had plans coming out of my ying yang. This year I am working.

I have started a new skincare regime. Hopefully I can keep on track, my skin needs it.

I have been putting myself out there, way out there in the online dating world. I have been messaging like whoa...too bad I am still not to sure about the whole thing.

My best friend is moving closer!! Only 26 minutes away! So amped! This means way more hangouts and that is amazing!!

Grouplove all day, all the time. Much love.

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