Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today I am missing my short hair, a lot. This happens from time to time, and in the past I have always given in and chopped it all off.
I really love long hair, but I love short hair even more.With lots of people getting super cute short cuts,  I am trying to hard to be strong and not chop all my locks off again Short hair seems to be everywhere these days.
I really want to have long hair once in my life. I think I am on the right track.
I will make a bet with myself that after my best friends wedding next summer I can cut it. Until then, only trims.

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  1. I tend to be the same way! i always say that I'm going to grow my hair out, but once it reaches a certain stage, I end up chopping it all off again. Either way, you look quite lovely!


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