Thursday, October 25, 2012

because i haven't done one in a while

a post of some things im lovin from pinterest!

stunning wall colour.

pretty hair.

I want this now!

pretty bedding. not so great for a girl with pets.

love this lamp.

so cute.

this hair,my head,now!



  1. I love the colour of that retro chair against the dark green wall. So pretty! Also, that hair is gorgeous and it makes me long for my long locks. I'm growing mine out at the moment and it looks TERRIBLE. But I'm going to persevere in hopes of having BEAUTIFUL hair like that one day.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Me too in the hair department. I feel like I am forever growing out my hair...but it never gets long. I actually love short hair but long to have long hair just for a while. I am getting there....slowly and also in the terrible hair phase these days :(
      I hope you get there soon!

  2. I like that green nail polish!


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