Thursday, October 18, 2012


Reading:  Nothing. I have not read in far too long. I blame that darn 50 Shades series for turning me off of books. I do have Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? waiting for me at the library. Perhaps I will pick it up today.

Watching: Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. How on earth have I never seen this show before now? It is great and unfortunately only one season long which is a total bummer. It has taught me something new about my almost 30 year old self. I would pick Jason Segal over James Franco, 15 year old me totally would have gone for James.

Listening to: I still can't get enough Lumineers.

Thinking about:  Bed. Seriously I am so tired lately. And I am also thinking about what to make for dinner. I need some new recipes.

Loving: Fall, My best friend being 25 minutes away now! and Netflix.

Looking forward to:  Starting my training today at the Humane Society for dog walking. Having this weekend off and a girls night planned! My new niece arriving in  approx 1.5 months!!

Making me happy: Nothing really specific. I just am :)

One more thing! GO to this BarkBox link and sign up! You will get $5 off your first subscription and I will get a free month :) It will be a grea t(early) Christmas present for your pooch!


  1. i try and not get political on blogs but did you hear that in a state senate debate the other day the question was posed to the candidates have you read 50 shades of gray? so my question is if they did does that make they a qualified candidate?

  2. i think if they read it and hated it as much as i did (and their initials are BO) it makes them qualified!
    being canadian though i don't think i have much say ;)


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