Sunday, October 14, 2012

I finally decided to give Netflix a try. Here in Canada I don't think we are quite up to speed with the American Netflix but there is still a lot of choices.

I started off my evening last night with Clueless. Why I don't own this movie is beyond me, it is so great! After Clueless I settled on a couple of documentaries, both that I really enjoyed.

First I watched Mine. It was a very interesting story of some of the families who left behind their animals when Hurricane Katrina hit, and the struggles they had afterwards to get their pets back. Before this movie I always thought, how could anyone leave their pets. They are horrible people. I would never do such a thing. Now I can see how it happened, and now I know that a lot of people did not have any other choice or resources to take their pets with them. I suggest watching this movie but having a box of tissues on hand.

After Mine,  I watched The Other F Word. A film about punk rock fathers. I really enjoyed this one also. It showed some of punks most hardcore artists and how fatherhood has changed them. It was a really interesting and cute movie. I would have some Kleenex on hand for this one also... although I cry at anything involving fathers and their kids.

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