Thursday, February 21, 2013

3-0 planning!

the sun is shining and it is a total tease! it is still well below 0 outside.

this year i am turning 30 this year in august. it is a big year... and i want to do something big to celebrate!

i would love to get a new tattoo. i have ideas floating through my head of a picture frame outlining cute drawing style portraits of nico and finn holding hands and some cool floral background... if you could see inside my head you would love it i am sure! also is 30 too old to get your nose re-pierced? i am afraid people will thinking i am having some sort of 30 year crisis.

i also want to plan a trip. something meaningful and with animals. it won't be until september/october since my bff is getting hitched in august and i am in the wedding party. i am thinking my trip will be to best friends animal society or to india to this cool animal sanctuary. i have never really traveled alone so i am thinking india is a bit too adventurous for my first trip. best friends might be a little more suited to me.


  1. I know I'm saying this as a 26 year old, but 30 is still super young!! You can do whatever the hell you want. Most people don't even have a career or an inkling of an idea what they want to do with their life by the time their 30. So, why not get your nose pierced!? Seriously, if you wanna do it, I say do it. Screw what everyone else is going to think! :)

    1. Thank you! And I agree, 30 is young-ish! And I still look about 18 so no one will think anything of it ;)


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