Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reaching out.

Last night after a touch too much wine and too many great YouTube videos I sent a message to an old friend out of the blue. It was a light, I effin miss your guts type of message, because I do. I was thinking back to all the fun times we had together and I want to have more fun times again.

 We has a falling out on a trip to Chicago two summers ago and have never really spoken since. We were truly awesome friends before this happened and I really have missed her and all the fun we had. I am not sure why we let something that seems so small looking back now, get in the way of a great friendship.

What do I want to come out of sending the message? I don't know. I know we will probably never have that same friendship again, we are both at different places in life. I am sure we can hangout and laugh again though.
I really just wanted her to know that I miss her.

Have you ever tried to mend a friendship after a while with someone? How did it go?

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