Saturday, February 26, 2011

My guy

Let me start this post off by letting you know that it seems like everyone around me these days is having a baby, or just had a baby. All of which seemed like a surprise. Now do not get me wrong I am so ninty nine percent happy for them, but there is one percent on my heart that is so jealous because as I get older(I am going to be twenty eight this year) I see my window of opportunity shutting. I know that twenty eight is not old, but it is for being twenty eight and still single, with no dudes in my life who are going to sweep me out of single life.

All of this being said I have my little dude who sleeps through the night, does not cry or barf, and goes to the washroom outside

He is a cutie pie, that gets himself into trouble from time to time... that is why puppy classes are taking place weekly on Saturday afternoons, in hopes to cure Mr Finn from biting every person and dog he meets.... Wish us luck.

As much as I love this little guy... I still cannot wait to have a bun in my oven.

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