Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!

I love waking up and the sun is shining. I took Finn for his morning walk and the air seems to be getting warmer also. My Costa Rica pictures yesterday seemed to being some warmer weather so I thought I would share more today and hopefully they bring even nicer weather.

I absolutly loved it in Costa Rica. I would love to go back and visit my uncle and his partner and see more of the country. It is amazing.

I am going to meet my friend Sara's little dude today. He is two weeks old and I have been trying for what seems like forever to make it over there to meet him however things come up and our schedules never seem to click. Today is the day! I cannot wait!

I need to head out and get some groceries, and eggs for breakfest which will probably be more like brunch by the time I end up going.

Leafs play tonight, they need this win... Go Leafs!

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