Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little guy is growing up!

I decided to bite the bullet, throw caution to the wind and leave Finn by himself today. Seeing as my guy has a little separation anxiety I was fearful of being kick out of my condo because he can be loud.
Now since puppy school started he seems to be gaining more confidence etc. So I decided today was the day. I left him with his bone, the TV on and the blinds open so he could see outside. I called my cellphone with the home phone to use it as sort of a walkie talkie device.
As I got into my car I could hear a little whimper and whine but I just let him be. I put the phone on speaker phone and drove around for 13 minutes (After 5 minutes he stopped making noise). I figured I was safe and headed to the library to get a card. I was gone for over 30 minutes and when I came home he was quite happy to see me but my furniture was all in tact and there were no accidents.
This is a HUGE step in our lives because it means that I do not have to take him in the car or to my parents house everytime I want to step out.
I am so happy about this!
Man rescue dogs are a great way to go, saving a life but they also come with some issues which takes time and effort to work through. I would not change him for the world though. He is one cool little dude.

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