Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am back to work today, although not looking forward to it at all. It looks like it is going to be such a lovely day, I wish I could spend it outdoors. Not inside for 12 hours.

I am at a standstill in my life, and have no idea how to make changes. I need to get out more and socialize, I find meeting new people to be intimidating though... I fear that I am going to be single for life and while this thought does not usually bother me, I have these odd moments where it bums me out. I am going to be that single lady who loves her dog more than anything.. hopefully by then I will have found a better job and can at least have a home and get a friend for Finn.

Speaking of Finn I just love this photo of him. It was crazy hot here last Tuesday and Finn clearly was lovin all that the fan would give him,

Stella(one of my parents dogs) was also here for a playdate, although she is quite lazy and sleeps more than she plays. Here they were just relaxing. It really was too hot to do much else.


  1. Honestly, sometimes dogs are better companions than spouses ;)

    Hope you get to spend a little time outdoors!

  2. Meeting people is hard for me, too. I am such a homebody that I thought I'd never find companionship, but life just has a way of making things work out.

    You're such a cutie pie, I'm sure that there is a wonderful surprise just waiting for you :) And in the meantime, it looks like you have some wonderfully cuddly companionship :)

  3. HA! That one with the fan is hilarious...does look quite hot. I do believe summer has arrived...


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