Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am home sick today. After a misleading burst of energy that lead me to clean my kitchen I crashed. I forgot for a moment that I am sick and figured cleaning would be manageable... even though going to work was not. Boy was I wrong. I am now glued to the couch with Finn in my lap browsing the world wide web and sneezing every three seconds.

I had heard of, but had not really checked out the HelloGiggles website.  Now that I have I think I am hooked. The site is full great and funny ladies writing really cool and very real world stuff.

With things like Single Girls Guide and great advice like" Either be super low maintenance or go full blown crazy to the point where you throw phones in the street and threaten the lives of attractive women in your eye line. They both work surprisingly well. In between won’t get you anywhere" you can't go wrong. If you have not already done so then check it out. And leave it to me to tell you that this article speaks the truth. I know from expierence.

Thank you HelloGiggles. You have helped this sick lady pass her time sitting on the couch blowing her nose all day.


  1. I'll have to check that site out!! It sounds awesome.. I hope you feel better. & I had read down the blogs, I love your curly hair. Of course I have straight and WANT curly ;)

  2. I'm gonna check that site out!

    I hope you feel better soon. My youngest and I are both sick as well. It sucks!

    Have a great night.

    Alana Jo


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