Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We just got home from puppy school. Finn is the best in the class if I do say so myself. And this is not just the puppy mama in my talking. He is a superstar!

Now I am relaxing enjoying the perfect Summertime Stanley Cup beer. Mill St Lemon Tea. I tried this last year and then the lcbo could not keep it on the shelves. It is so delish!
Even though I am Canadian I am cheering for the Bruins. The Canucks are too arrogant or something. I hate the coach and that dude Luongo. And those twins are annoying.
Being a Leafs fan I am rooting for Kaberle seeing as he put up with a lot towards the end of his time with Toronto, he deserves a cup.. something we could not deliver.

I wore my hair curly today. I am usually not a fan of my hair red and curly but I think it looked alright.

Lovely lovely weather please stick around for a while. I am diggin you.


  1. I like the curls! I had a perm a few years abo and loved having big curly hair!

  2. Thanks beca! I have been trying to embrace the natural curls thing. Love your blog by the way. Thanks for checking out mine!


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