Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have been hiking a lot lately. I thought that a annual pass to the local conservation areas would get much more use that a membership to the local gym. I would much rather be outside in the forest and on the trails walking with Finn. I am getting used to the trails and maps which is comforting. It is amazing how an hour out there feels like no time at all... and an hour on the treadmill feels like a hundred.

This past week I have lost a close friendship but gained another. One of my super best friends and I have parted ways. It is very sad but I did all that I could to try and work through things while still being true to myself. I was able to admit my part but I was not going to take the blame on one hundred percent and unfortunately the other person could not see any fault on their part.

When one door closes another one opens. This saying is true in this situation. It has brought another friend and myself closer together. And this friendship will be positive. It will be stress free and enjoyable. We have been having weekly Big Brother nights, we talk and laugh and have cottage plans for a weekend next month. We will be able to talk about issues and vent but it wont be our friendship entirely which is what the other friendship had turned into to.

I need more positive in my life and I think I am on the right track.

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