Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend fun

I had such a wonderful weekend full of family and the outdoors.

The fun started Thursday night when my friend Steph came over for our new Big Brother night where we eat snacks and have a drink.. or two and watch the awesomeness that is Big Brother.

Friday I worked and was uneventful.

Saturday morning I took Finn hiking and brought my camera along however the horse flies were so bad that every time I stopped to try to take a photo I got attacked. Saturday afternoon we had a birthday lunch for my grandma and it was delish. I hung out at my parents house for a bit in the afternoon before I headed home that evening and had yet another quiet night watching old reruns of Sex and the City.
I took a couple fun pictures of the dogs playing.

The last one is a picture of myself and my parents dog Gia.

Sunday was another morning hike with Finn and my dad and Gia tagged along. I came home and rested and then headed to my parents for dinner. I arrived in the early afternoon and spent the day reading outside under their big tree. It was hot but being in the shade made it comfortable enough to be outside for me but no one else. I love the heat though. My sister and niece came over for dinner and boy oh boy is Charlotte getting big. I was amazed at how much she has grown since last weekend even.

Today I have another day off and will spend it relaxing before my chaotic work week begins tomorrow.


  1. Looks like those dogs are having a great time. What a fun capture.

  2. Sounds like a very pleasant day--except for the horseflies. Have a great day today, too!


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