Tuesday, July 26, 2011

moth saga part two.

The night of my moth scare I slept with my bedroom door closed, and I had closed every other door in my condo before I went to bed. This seemed like the best game plan to me because then the moth had minimal places to go. Boy was I wrong.
There have been no more moth sightings since that night... so I have a dead moth on my hands or perhaps one who is really good at hiding...somewhere in my condo. I have since reopened all the doors but where would he have gone?(it is definatly a he, no chick is this ugly and scary. trust me)
Bugs do not generally scare me. I grew up with a father who spent a lot of time outdoors with us. I was always a little girly and I would not put the worm on the hook but overall I just let bugs be.
This moth was different. He was big and black and flew around like he meant business and it freaked me right out.
The fact that he disappeared also is a little creepy... I wonder if he will ever show his big scary black wings again?
If he does, I will be ready for him.

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