Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a lovely day.

After years of stretched lobes and huge holes followed by stitched lobes and weird looking scars I finally have gotten my ears re- pierced and have tiny little jewels in them. They are lovely.

I started stretching my ears when I got into high school, by the end of high school I was at 3/4 of an inch. They were large. I took out the plugs in my early twenties because I just was not feeling the giant holes any more and mom said she would pay for me to get them stitched up. Years after that I finally got it done and that was almost two years ago. Getting them re-pierced was a long time coming but I could not be happier.. I cannot wait for them to heal so I can get my groove on with some peacock feather earrings.

I feel so girly.

The boy who pierced my ears was my big high school crushed turned into a little more than for like two weeks. We did not see each other for years after that then got together once to hangout... then it was years again. I finally hung out with him a couple of times last fall and it was nice. He is such a special guy and it was good seeing him again today. I had not seen him in months again... its a weird pattern we(more I ) have. Seeing him today put a smile on my face which is so nice but so scary to me all at the same time. I really hope we hangout again soon... I do not think I can wait another handful of months.

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