Saturday, August 6, 2011

a little lovin

List of lovin:

Charlotte. This little pudding is just fantastic. She is laughing now and apparently rolling over although I have not seen that yet. When I went to visit her last night she was a sleepyhead as you can see above. I sure so love being an auntie.

One of the sexiest men alive. I just love him so much and How to Love is a great song.

Jersday is back! You know you all love it  too.

Everwood- How come I did not discover this show earlier?!
Quinoa- had my first taste of it this week and loved every bite! So tasty!
Cool summer nights- finally an enjoyable temperature to sleep.
Hiking- I am still exploring new trails and it is great.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I know I will.

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