Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day off

I got my hair done this morning. Started the lightening process..I hate these in between months. I want BLONDE asap!

Au Natural

I thought I would take some photos of where I am starting off on my weight loss journey. Here I am at 155 pounds.

Quinoa is my new favorite. I made some yesterday and it turned out to be a way larger portion that I expected. Boy does that stuff expand.
I cooked it up and mixed it with black beans, mushrooms, green pepper, green chilies and salsa. It was delish!
Tonight I made a burrito out of some of the left overs(I love burritos). So yummy! I still have so much left I think I might freeze some!

Along with healthy eating and new hair Finn and I also went on yet another hike. I could never go to a gym, I just enjoy being outdoors so much more.

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