Friday, March 16, 2012

size love

as a girl who has always struggled with sizes more than weight i am making a promise to myself to let it go.

i have always been a chubby girl(there have been times through starvation, fad diets, weight watchers) where i have been smaller. being a size 6 is something i have never been able to keep up. i like food too much. i try to eat healthy but i just cant live without cookies or cheese or ice cream in my life. it is all in moderation right?

i have never really had an issue with how i look. i don't mind having some softness but for some reason though i have always tried to squeeze myself into small sizes. i could never imagine wearing a double digit number or a gasp.. size L, because of this i have bought way too many outfits that do not fit right therefor do not look right meaning they stay in the back of my closet and never see the light of day.

enough is enough.

if i try on a medium or large and it fits i will buy it. if i try on a size 10 and it fits i will buy it. i will not try to squeeze into the smaller size just because.

here is to some self love this year and looking fabulous.


  1. it's hard to get yourself into that mindset, but once you do, it's very liberating (and you can find so many more clothes that way, too)! good for you! happy weekend!

  2. yes. i went through my closet and tried everything on, if it did not fit it got tossed. i think i will enjoy dressing up (and shoping)again, i used to have such style and i got boring over the past year.
    you have a good weekend too!

  3. I hear you. I like to start at the upper end of my size range when shopping (especially for pants) and work down. It makes me feel good about myself.

    I am going to get a professional bra fitting in hopes of making tops look nicer. I'm tired of VS trying to squeeze me in to their cup sizes instead of telling me the truth. Hopefully that will help my confidence issues.


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