Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day one of the new job went well! The clothes are super cute, it is a bummer I cannot afford shopping right now . I folded  a lot of shirts with the shirt folder and that was neat :)  I have never done clothing retail before and it is kind of fun...or at least the first day was!

Today I have a 4 hour shift and I am going to attempt to leave Finn alone at home(with Nico). He used to have really bad separation anxiety but since getting Nico things have gotten better. He has stayed for an 1-2 hours before but never 4 hrs. Fingers crossed it goes alright.

I have been watching Joan of Arcadia lately and one of the characters wears a leather jacket with the Operation Ivy logo painted on the bad. Boy that brought me back.

Here is some Op Ivy for old times sake. You will appreciate it much more if you were into them back in the day.

Operation Ivy-The Crowd

And here is another good song for all you non Operation Ivy lovers(and lovers too).

Of Monsters and Men-Little Talks

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