Monday, April 30, 2012

Memory Lane

This week I am covering a different department at work.
Today I worked with these two youngsters who I guess would be this generations "punk" kid... does punk still even exist?
Anyways their conversations of loving going to shows, the up and coming bands,how big they were going to stretch their ears next and what bands of their friends were going to go on tour this summer.... all brought me back to my youth.
Remember when life consisted of school during the week and then going to see local bands all weekend, buying tshirts and patches and colouring your hair wild colours?
It made me miss being their age more than anything. I had to bite my tongue when they talked about how big they were going to go with their lobes, I did not want to sound to mom-ish with my tales of stretching mine and then having to get them stitched up. I also needed to hold back on telling them how they need to enjoy these years because they will never get them back, an no matter how much they don't think they will get old and conform, they probably will!

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