Thursday, June 28, 2012

BarkBox Review

Finn got his BarkBox in the mail this week! After a SoSo May BarkBox I was excited and (a little nervous) to see what was in store for June.

He definatly liked the smells coming from the box! He sniffed this a lot before I finally opened it up to see what was inside!
Inside was all these fun goodies:
A Gimme Gummy, Soggy Paws towel, Tumbleweed and Eddies Cookies, Mr Barksmiths Smoothie and Stella and Chewy's freeze dried food.

He loved the Tumbleweed and Eddie Cookies!! I gave him one before dinner to try and he kept giving me sad eyes for more :)

He also played with his Gimme Gummy toy for quite sometime. And gets excited everytime I ask him to go find his new toy! This is like a Kong, you can stuff it, and freeze it and it is dishwasher safe! Another awesome this about it is you can bake treats in it! There are recipes on their websire that I can't wait to try! This is going to be so handy to have for when I leave Finn home alone :)

I am also excited to use the Soggy Paws towel! It is going to come in so handy on rainy days and after his bathtime!

I am saving his wonderful Mr Barksmiths fruit smoothie for a hot summer day!

And I still need to check out the Stella and Chewy's site to see what this freeze dried meal is all about.

Overall June's BarkBox was a hit! I suggest you check it out for your pooch. It starts as low as $17.00 a month... and they even ship to Canada!!

Finn and I are excitedly awaiting July's box!


  1. i just saw your link to this post on BBN :) it looks like you get a decent amount of stuff for the price. if i ever get a job again i'll most definitely sign up!

    1. Yea I struggle with not having much of an income but still feeling the need to spoil him...I don't think it's going to last though until I can find another job also!

  2. This is so cool! I need to check if there is something like that for cats. :) Finn is so cute!

    1. Oh it would be neat if they did have something for cats!

  3. So happy to see Finn liked our treats! We take great pride in making them! Do you mind if I post that pic on our facebook page? Hes adorable! ?


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